Congregate Living Home
Natick, Massachusetts

A single-family residence in a suburban community converted to serve as a home for up to five individuals living with severe developmental and physical disabilities. The main project goals include seamlessly blending the home into the community, with landscaping that shows a level of care for the public face of the house, while at the same time providing site accessibility upgrades meeting ADA standards. This is accomplished without the use of unsightly railings, by carefully designed walkways that meet wheelchair user's slope requirements. Walkway lighting is integrated with plantings to minimize impact on the neighbors.

Inside the house, upgrades included fully accessible bathrooms, wood waincotting to provide warm and durable interiors, carpet tile and natural linoleuom floors, and a full office for staff. Energy efficiency was also a key component of the project, including a high-eficiency Boderus boiler, complete insulation with sprayed Icynene, and highly efficient double-insulated fiberglas windows. James Carr architecture & design is currently working on a second Congregate Living Home for the same client, in Westwood, MA.