New Normal: Home office for the age of Covid.

Quick study models: recently, we completed a feasibility study of four different approaches to reimagining an underused existing garage.

As clients’ needs change, so does the task of the designer. For the millions now working from home it is becoming necessary to consider the home as a place of business.

This study is more than just converting a garage into additional living area – it is a search for versatility and flexibility in the residential space.
The firm was tasked with envisioning a small space to serve as a foundation for a wide range of options. Possible uses included future accommodations for in-laws, adult children, or the clients themselves; a home office; a yoga studio; an income property; or a combination of the above, evolving over time.

Design style played a pivotal role in the options considered during the study. Would a modern, inverted, butterfly roof structure with vertical louvers represent too much of a departure from the traditional look of the main house, or could it be an opportunity to open up the interior space, connect to the outdoors, and mitigate that feeling of isolation that so many of us are experiencing?
Would a vaulted barn roof inspire the homeowner’s do-it-yourself spirit, or would it prove too inefficient in its use of square footage?

Rendering exterior models as well as plan options and simulating the passage of sunlight through the interior space helped bring the design into focus for both architect and client.

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