Designed with the principle that universal design means inclusivity and community integration, this single-family residence in a suburban setting was converted to a home for individuals living with severe developmental and physical disabilities. Thoughtful landscaping seamlessly blends the home into the neighborhood. Site accessibility meets ADA standards without unsightly railings by using carefully designed walkways that meet wheelchair user’s slope requirements. Walkway lighting is integrated with plantings to minimize impact on neighbors. Interior upgrades include fully accessible bathrooms, wood wainscoting to provide warm and durable interiors, carpet tile and natural linoleum floors, and a full office for staff. The kitchen renovation was tailored to the specific needs and capabilities of the residents so that they can participate in food preparation with staff assistance. The project also includes a high-efficiency Boderus boiler, complete re-insulation with sprayed, water-based non-toxic foam, and double-insulated fiberglas windows.

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