Streamlined, sustainable, and adaptive – this project creates a customizable canvas for today’s ever-evolving learning spaces.

Modern libraries serve countless functions beyond just storing books, and this one is no different. We removed three closed-off conventional classrooms that were congesting the existing space. This opens up the area for flexibility and expands its potential as a place for learning. Acoustic improvements mitigate the noise of rooftop HVAC units and thoughtful selection of light fixtures along with programmable light controls enhances the flexible learning environment.

Sustainable design features include all-LED lighting that improves lighting quality while dramatically lowering energy consumption, low-emitting materials used throughout promote good indoor air quality, and acoustical tiles with high recycled content and high reflectivity to maximize acoustics and daylighting effectiveness. Re-use of the existing aluminum ceiling grid saves on cost and conserves materials. The revised floor plan also maximizes the potential of natural light and allows for the incorporation of daylight dimming sensors into the lighting scheme.

Additional upgrades include all new furniture and shelving, a customized circulation desk, and new carpet tile throughout. A maker-space with 3D digital printer and group collaboration stations with large-screen video capacity round out the program.

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